Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Experienced specialist IT hygiene services offered to various industries since 1911

We are one of the most experienced IT hygiene specialists in the UK. Since 1911 we have been providing high quality, reliable business services and we are now the UK’s leading specialist IT equipment cleaning company.

We are part of the Rentokil Initial group. Our vast range of technical and IT equipment cleaning services are particularly cost-effective and can be tailored to suit your business perfectly. This flexibility means we are able to design a cleaning contract that will cover your company’s requirements exactly.

Expert IT cleaning services to fit your business requirements

For example, whether you are looking for a cleaning provider who can maintain an office environment hygienically, or you require your server room or computer rooms to be valeted, we can help. We work with call centres, educational organisations, local government, and many industrial and manufacturing companies.

Simply click on the business sector which most closely resembles yours to find out more. If your company area is not listed, we would be delighted to hear from you and to outline how your company could benefit from the services we provide.

ATM Machines Page
We provide ATM machine cleaning services to over 22,000 cash machines throughout the UK
Banking, Financing and Insurance
Our rigorous technical IT, telephone, and computer cleaning services is particularly effective with the banking and financial industry.
Call Centre
Specialising in high quality and reliable IT equipment, telephone and computer cleaning solutions for call centres
Computer Room
Our specialist equipment and staff provides IT cleaning services that will prevent expensive disruptions in your computer rooms
Minimise risk in your construction site with specialised computer and construction IT cleaning services.
Data Centre
Our data centre cleaning services can help avoid corrupted hard disks and expensive outages.
Specialist IT Cleaning services to fit around your term schedule.
Facilities Management
As part of Rentokil Initial we can offer a multi service solution, including IT Cleaning services.
General Retail and Services
Specialist EPOS and IT till cleaning services.
Hotels and Leisure
Bespoke IT Cleaning service to help maintain the brand image of hotels, museums, cinema’s, etc…
Industrial and Manufacturing
Telephone and IT services to ensure minimal down time, and increasing the lifespan of your IT equipment.
Local Government
Telephone and IT services to help reduce staff absenteeism
Logistics and Distribution
PROtech IT Hygiene are the experts in providing Logistics IT cleaning services and distribution warehouse cleaning services
Office Environments
PROtech IT Hygiene Cleaning services are designed to help your workplace reflect the high quality brand values and image which are integral to your company and its customers.
PROtech IT Hygiene have a range of IT cleaning services which have been designed especially for Comms and Clean Room environments.