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IT Equipment Services and Solutions

PROtech IT Hygiene’s comprehensive IT equipment solutions include ATM cleaning, PC cleaning, telephone cleaning and office equipment cleaning services

At PROtech IT Hygiene, we offer highly cost-effective IT equipment and phone cleaning services across the UK. Regardless of the size of your organisation or your business sector we have a flexible service to fit your requirements. So whether your activities embrace educational establishments, offices, industry & manufacturing, call centres, data centres, computer and server rooms or local government we can help.

We provide peace of mind, as all of our services conform to all relevant health and safety regulations. In addition, our services can enhance your company image and safeguard expensive equipment as well as increasing its lifespan.

IT Equipment Cleaning and hygiene services to suit your business

PROtech IT Hygiene are able to clean a vast array of electronic equipment, including telephones, personal computers, laptops and IT peripherals. We also run market-leading cleaning services for specialist equipment such as ATMs and EPOS / Chip and Pin machines.

Our broad range of expertise means PROtech IT Hygiene can put together a cleaning package to suit your business perfectly. Contact us for a detailed quote to find out exactly how much our services cost – or for an indication use our online quote service.

ATM Machines
We provide ATM machine cleaning services to over 22,000 cash machines throughout the UK
Computer Rooms
Our specialist equipment and staff provides IT cleaning services that will prevent expensive disruptions in your computer rooms
Data Centres
Our data centre cleaning services can help avoid corrupted hard disks and expensive outages.
Desktop PCs
PROtechs Cleaning Services have a residual life – reducing the risk of an unhygienic environment for some time after your computers have been treated.
EPOS Chip and Pin
Specialist EPOS and IT till cleaning services.
IT Peripherals
Bespoke IT Peripheral cleaning Services
PROtechs phone cleaning service will kill germs and disease on your telephones and help combat things such as colds and flu in your workplace.