Why PROtech IT

Why PROtech IT Hygiene

Local IT cleaning service with national support

We are the UK’s leading IT equipment cleaning company. We also have the support of Rentokil Initial, the well-known and highly respected business services group. We are confident that the computer equipment and IT cleaning services we offer are the most effective on the UK market.

It is no surprise that company performance can be compromised by inadequate workplace hygiene. Germs and dirt can accumulate and cause technology to malfunction, as well as increasing staff absence. At PROtech IT Hygiene, we are able to help your employees to avoid the sources of cross-infection and re-infection.

Choosing the best IT hygiene service for your business can save you money

We tailor our solutions to suit your exact requirements and budget and offer a thorough sanitisation service using trained, professional hygienists.

Our computer equipment and IT cleaning services are chosen by UK businesses because we are reliable, efficient and our contracts are competitively priced. To find out more visit our quote page.

Computer (laptop and desktop), office equipment, and  phone cleaning:

  • Personal computers including laptops, monitors, and desktop PCs
  • Telephones and headsets
  • Printers, faxes, photocopiers and scanners

Specialised technical IT equipment cleaning:

  • Server rooms / computer rooms
  • Communication rooms
  • Data centres
  • ATM Machines
  • EPOS / Chip and Pin

Health CheckOur free IT hygiene assessment, Health Check, helps you find the right IT hygiene and computer cleaning service.Health and SafetyWe put safety first with our strong commitment to health and safety and quality management systemsOur PeopleOur trained specialist IT cleaning staff are focused on delivering client satisfactionProtech OnlineOur customer intranet gives you the essential management information of your IT cleaning contract.Technical ExpertiseExperienced specialist IT hygiene services offered to various industries since 1911.